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How I’m Fluent In 8 Languages – Interview With Olly Richards

10 Apr , 2015  


Real Deal French caught up with Olly from and were very keen to find about how one actually should should go about tackling the rather small task of becoming fluent in EIGHT LANGUAGES! Here’s what Olly had to say. 1) What was the first language you tackled and why? I studied French and German […]

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“How Well Do You Know This Girl?” – Beginner French Lesson

8 Apr , 2015  


Pretty girl catch your eye? I could be a passing fancy, or it could be the beginning of a storybook romance. Don’t let her be the one who gets away. In this lesson learn how to do everything from compliment to get a special someones number.

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Video – “How to Say ‘Cool!’ in French” – Real Deal French

12 Jan , 2015   Video


Today Jason and Amaury take a look at one of the most common words used in the western world used to describe something great. As you’d expect, there are various ways to describe something as being “cool” so we run through some ones you’d most likely hear in any French speaking country. Cool!