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7 Songs to Help Your French

31 Jul , 2015  

So as we love to advocate mixing up your French learning process to make sure you have fun and stay motivated, listening to songs in another language can really help you remember vocabulary! Check out some of the following songs that we think are quite easy to remember, and of course catchy!

1. “Ill Est Temps” – Kyo. A song about an ended relationship, with the guy singing about his feelings. Even though it is a song written by a guy longing for the girl to come back to him, it’s quite upbeat and not too deep.

2. “Trankillement” – Fatal Bazooka. A rap song that will able to let you get more to grips with some slang and street words. Probably ideal for someone who’s intermediate.

3. “Vois Sur Ton Chemin” – Les Choristes. A song written about how a teacher tries to overcome the difficulties of bonding with troubled school kids, and overcome the tense atmosphere.

4. “Con J’pense” – Manau. A good way to become exposed to more of the colloquial side of the language. This is quite a hard song to understand for the first few times as he uses a fair amount of slang. Give it a try.

5. “Je Lui Dirai” – Celine Dione. A lovely song about a mother singing to her son about what he should expect in regards to the trials and tribulations he’s likely to come across at some point in his life. A very relaxing listen and not too difficult to understand.

6. “La Tribu De Dana” – Manau. This is a great song about the war fought between the Celtic Warriors and the Dana tribe. An extremely catchy and popular French song.

7. “Ma Soeur” – Vita. Moral of the story: don’t cheat on your good friend with their boyfriend (or girlfriend!). This song is about the girl’s mixed emotions; not knowing whether to forgive or not. A fairly catchy song and has a lot of useful vocabulary for similar situations if you ever find yourself in (but we hope you wont).

Give them a listen and let us know what you think! If you know any more we’d love for you to share them with us.

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