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7 Songs to Help Your French

31 Jul , 2015  


So as we love to advocate mixing up your French learning process to make sure you have fun and stay motivated, listening to songs in another language can really help you remember vocabulary! Check out some of the following songs that we think are quite easy to remember, and of course catchy! 1. “Ill Est […]

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“Seasickness” – Elementary French Lesson

30 Jul , 2015  


Nothing can be more troubling than a sudden case of seasickness. Before getting on the next ship to Paris learn how to explain what ailes you on the deep blue sea.

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“Who Has the Keys?” – Elementary French Lesson

29 Jul , 2015  


Click…oops, do I have the keys? It’s even worse when you thought the other person had them. In today’s lesson, learn how to ask someone if they have the keys in French, as well as how to express frustration to your significant other for having forgotten them.

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“I Love This Song” – Beginner French Lesson

28 Jul , 2015  


For more in depth learning head to to access hundreds of more French lessons. Quote the promo code – realdeal – to get a Standard Monthly Subscription for 99¢! It doesn’t matter if you’re a Linkin Park fan, a lover of Debussy, or maybe Glen Campbell’s more your style…the French verbs to talk about what […]

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10 Cool YouTube Channels to Learn French With

27 Jul , 2015  


1. With 14,988 subscribers, this channel has a lot of videos, 49,685 to be exact. They’re all on different things, quizzes, vocabulary, grammar, but some of them are ridiculous. This channel has a video of 20,000 vocabulary words, running over 13 hours in length. . 2. jremy7: Jremy7 gives “Basic French lessons”, explaining the […]

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Some Cool Facts About the French Language

23 Jul , 2015  


1. It is the mother tongue of 75 million people worldwide, although many more speak it as a second language. 2. It is the second most commonly taught foreign language, after English. 3. French is an official working language of the UN, the International Red Cross, The European Economic Community, NATO, and the International Olympic […]

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“Interview Stress” – Elementary French Lesson

22 Jul , 2015  


No one likes having to come up with a list of personal strengths and weaknesses when preparing for an interview, but it’s even more stressful when you have to tell your interviewer about your “weakness of being a perfectionist” in a foreign language. In today’s lesson, we learn some French vocabulary to talk about being […]

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5 Reasons to Learn French!

21 Jul , 2015  


1. A world language More than 200 million people speak French on the five continents. The Francophonie, the international organisation of French-speaking countries, comprises 68 states and governments. French is the second most widely learned foreign language after English, and the ninth most widely spoken language in the world. French is also the only language, alongside English, […]

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“Two Refugee Turkeys’ – Elementary French Lesson

20 Jul , 2015  


It’s well-known that America is not a safe place for turkeys in November, but is it any better in France? Find out in today’s podcast, where two turkeys discuss, in French, their seasonal woes. You’ll also learn in this lesson how to talk about feminine countries in French and even a little turkey trivia about […]

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“Foot!” – Upper-Intermediate French Lesson

17 Jul , 2015  


Yeah! A lesson on football…soccer…foot! If you love this sport, then you’ll love this lesson because Amaury teaches the phrases you need to learn to be able to talk about the sport in French. If you do not like soccer, though, the lesson is also for you because you’ll learn from Erica how to express […]

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5 Awesome ways to Learn French!

14 Jul , 2015  


1. The other language of international relations French is both a working language and an official language of the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross and international courts. French is the language of the three cities where the EU institutions are headquartered: Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg. […]

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“The phone’s ringing” – Beginner French Lesson

13 Jul , 2015  


For more in depth learning head to to access hundreds of more French lessons. Quote the promo code – realdeal – to get a Standard Monthly Subscription for 99¢! Someone should answer it. In this lesson, we learn how to talk about phones in French. You’ll also learn how to ask someone if they […]

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Top 10 Easy-to-Understand French movies

10 Jul , 2015  


Here is a list of some of the films students of the French language find the easiest to understand. Keep in mind, they are by no means the most popular but are available online if you look hard enough! Let’s have a look..   1 – “Kirikou et la Sorcière” (1998) Easy enough for a […]

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“Don’t Laugh This Time” – Intermediate French Lesson

9 Jul , 2015  


Ever get the giggles? Sometimes they’re great but, when they’re a symptom of stage fright, they can come at the worst times and be quite a curse. In this podcast, we’ll see what happens when such a person, who is French, of course, applies for a bank loan and just can’t control herself.

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“It’s Hot” – Beginner French Lesson

8 Jul , 2015  


For more in depth learning head to to access hundreds of more French lessons. Quote the promo code – realdeal – to get a Standard Monthly Subscription for 99¢! Vive the summer! In today’s podcast, we learn the French words to talk about the temperature when it’s warm and toasty outside, but even more […]

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“Sales!” – Intermediate French Lesson

6 Jul , 2015  


People go crazy for shopping… so it is sometimes difficult to explain what’s happening when it comes to sales. And French people are no exception. That’s what we are going to see in today’s lesson. Also JP and Amaury will be happy to discuss the differences between the sales in France and United States.

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“Pass the ball” – Beginner French Lesson

3 Jul , 2015  


Kids say the darndest things, don’t they? Let’s use this lesson, set on a rugby pitch, to learn all the vocabulary of playground ball games in French!

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“Surprise Party” – Elementary French Lesson

2 Jul , 2015  


For more in depth learning head to to access hundreds of more French lessons. Quote the promo code – realdeal – to get a Standard Monthly Subscription for 99¢! Decorations, cake, presents, a big sign with the birthday person’s name on it, but most importantly, the build-up of excitement for that moment when you get […]