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“L’Invention du Septième Art” – Advanced French Lesson

30 Jan , 2015  


Un, deux, trois… Ca tourne. Nous allons profiter de la leçon d’aujourd’hui pour nous intéresser aux premiers pas du cinéma. Ce podcast sera également l’occasion pour Christela et Amaury de donner quelques conseils à toute personne désireuse de se renseigner sur l’activité cinématographique en France, en faisant au passage un clin d’oeil au côté patriotique […]

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“Uninvited Guest: Part II” – Pre-Intermediate French Lesson

29 Jan , 2015  


Now the soirée is over, and it is time to assess the damage that our uninvited guest has caused. In today’s podcast, we learn how to politely ask a guest who has overstayed their welcome to leave in French.

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Video – “Fashion in France” – French Lesson

28 Jan , 2015   Video


As you may or not know, being ‘très chic’ is a major part of life when living in France. Join Jason and Amaury in their discussion about what it takes to be stylish, and check out the various ways you can address this topic in French. Bon!

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“Le Corbeau et le Renard” – Advanced French lesson

27 Jan , 2015  


Nous sommes au 17ème siècle, sous le règne de Louis XIV: la France connaît une période faste au niveau des arts et des lettres. De grands esprits littéraires vont marquer la culture du pays à jamais. Ils s’appellent Corneille, Molière, Racine mais aussi Jean de la Fontaine : son nom, qui à lui seul évoque […]

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Video – “Terms of Endearment” – French Lesson

26 Jan , 2015   Video


When thinking of terms of endearment in French, is calling someone a ‘Flea’ the first thing that come to your mind? Join Amaury and Jason in today’s discussion about the many ways you can affectionately address someone in French.. some may surprise you! If you can think of any more let us know in the […]

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“Uninvited Guest: Part I” – Intermediate French lesson

26 Jan , 2015  


In today’s podcast, learn the language you use to find out who invited this person, and also what not to do in French if you don’t want to be considered an uninvited guest yourself.

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“The French Open” – Elementary French Lesson

23 Jan , 2015  


Jeu, set et match…we’re not going to learn how to serve or practice your forehand in today’s podcast, but we will learn the French vocab to talk about Roland Garros, a.k.a. the French Open.

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“Cannes Film Festival” – Elementary French Lesson

22 Jan , 2015  


May in France just means one thing: the Cannes Film Festival. Ten days of glitz, glamor, and red carpets…and films! In today’s lesson, we learn how to speak in French about the cinematic Who’s Who event of the year in the French Riviera.

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“Do You Have Some Change?” – Elementary French Lesson

21 Jan , 2015  


In today’s podcast, we learn how to talk about coins and how to give our opinions on someone’s talents and abilities in French.

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“La Pierre de Rosette” – Advanced French Lesson

20 Jan , 2015  


Ce n’est pas parce qu’elle est exposée au British Museum à Londres que Real Deal French ne peut pas se pencher sur cette découverte archéologique majeure du 18ème siècle qu’est la Pierre de Rosette. Cette trouvaille fut en effet pour le français Jean-François Champollion une des pièces clé du puzzle qu’était à l’époque l’énigme des hiéroglyphes. […]

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“Passionné d’Astronomie” – Advanced french lesson

19 Jan , 2015  


Qui oserait dire qu’il ne s’est jamais mis à rêver en contemplant un ciel étoilé ou en regardant le premier homme marcher sur la Lune? Oui, les êtres humains ont une fascination certaine pour cet inconnu qu’est l’espace. Dans le podcast d’aujourd’hui, nous allons en apprendre plus sur les corps célestes et la science qui […]

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“The Exam Period” – Upper-Intermediate French Lesson

16 Jan , 2015  


Why are some French college students taking exams at the beginning of the year? In this lesson, we have a lesson on the French school system and learn some of the vocabulary in a super stressé university student’s life.

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“Red or White?” – Beginner French Lesson

15 Jan , 2015  


A language Newbie needs to learn the basics. When it comes to French, that means they must be able to express their wine preferences. In today’s podcast, learn how to match wine with food; at the end we’ll talk about some cultural aspects of wine consumption in France!

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“Buying A Mobile Phone (II)” – Upper-Intermediate French Lesson

14 Jan , 2015  


If you’re in the market for a new phone, or even a phone calling plan, then this lesson is one you have to listen to! You’ll be learning all about how to talk about phones and purchases in French.

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“Are You Having a Beer?” – Beginner French lesson

13 Jan , 2015  

Beer glass on table.

In today’s podcast, we learn how to talk about beer and women’s hair colors at the same time. This lesson will also teach you how to say what you prefer in French and we discuss a colorful cocktail you can try if you go to France.

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Video – “How to Say ‘Cool!’ in French” – Real Deal French

12 Jan , 2015   Video


Today Jason and Amaury take a look at one of the most common words used in the western world used to describe something great. As you’d expect, there are various ways to describe something as being “cool” so we run through some ones you’d most likely hear in any French speaking country. Cool!

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“Buying a Mobile Phone (i)” – Upper-Intermediate French Lesson

9 Jan , 2015  


Some people look forward to it, others dread it. Either way, buying a phone is an essential part of most peoples’ lives these days. Can you even remember back to when we didn’t have cell phones? In today’s lesson you’ll learn all about the first step to buying a cell phone in France.

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“Lost in the Mountains” – Elementary French lesson

8 Jan , 2015  


In today’s lesson, we join two hikers in the French Alps who are walking around. And around.  And around. You’ll learn how to argue with someone in French that you think you are lost and how to respond that, no, you are not. Later in the lesson, we discuss Chamonix Mont-Blanc and give some travel […]

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“Bad Movie” – Beginner French Lesson

7 Jan , 2015  


For more in depth learning head to to access hundreds of more French lessons. Quote the promo code – realdeal – to get a Standard Monthly Subscription for 99¢! Did you wish you knew how to express yourself in the French language when you saw Ishtar or Waterworld? In today’s podcast, learn the French you […]

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“The Rossignols Go to London” – Intermediate French Lesson

6 Jan , 2015  


For more in depth learning head to to access hundreds of more French lessons. Quote the promo code – realdeal – to get a Standard Monthly Subscription for 99¢! In today’s lesson, the Rossignols take a trip across the channel to London, and we learn how to talk about les soldes (the sales) and how […]

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“Cowboys” – Elementary French Lesson

5 Jan , 2015  


For more in depth learning head to to access hundreds of more French lessons. Quote the promo code – realdeal – to get a Standard Monthly Subscription for 99¢! Real Deal French is taking a visit to the wild west today. Join us and learn all about telling others what to do (and what to do […]

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“Débat Politique” – Advanced French Lesson

4 Jan , 2015  


For more in depth learning head to to access hundreds of more French lessons. Quote the promo code – realdeal – to get a Standard Monthly Subscription for 99¢! La politique, qu’elle soit nationale ou internationale, tient une place majeure dans les conversations journalières des Français. Nous allons ainsi rejoindre dans ce podcast deux Francophones […]